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Alebachew, Getachew Woru


Agricuture, Animal Science Research and Related

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Curriculum Vitae Alebachew, Getachew Worku

Personal Information
Name: Alebachew, Getachew Worku
Address: Pater Karoly u. 1., 2100, Godollo, Hungary
Cell Phone: +36702140695

Sex: Male | Date of birth: 18/02/1992 | Nationality: Ethiopian
Marital Status: Married
Work History
03/06/2015- 02/08/2019,
Currently Employed Livestock Assistant Researcher II
Employer name and address: Sirinka Agricultural Research Center
P.O.Box: 74, Sirinka, Woldia, Ethiopia, Phone: +251(0)33 330 0079
Main activities and responsibilities
Writing research proposals and Project
Follow up and monitoring research activities
Data collection, Analysis, Interpretation, and Report writing
Prepare reports, presentations, and submit to the directorate coordinator and center director
Provide technology manuals and broachers to the end-users
Give training and technical input to farmers, university students, and extension workers
04/12/2014- 02/06/2015 Livestock production expert
Employer name and address: Takussa District Agriculture Office, Delgi, Ethiopia
Main activities and responsibilities
Extension service on modern livestock husbandry practice for local farmers
Giving training for youth association about all livestock husbandry practice

09/2019 onward Master of Science: Agricultural Biotechnology
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science (MATE)- Pater Karoly u. 1., 2100, Godollo, Hungary
11/2011 –07/2014 Bachelor of Science: Animal Science
Wollo University, P.O.Box: 1145, Dessie, Ethiopia

Mother tongue: Amharic
Foreign language: English

Social Skills and Competences
Team Work: I have worked in various types of research teams for my employer. For the last 2 years, I coached my organization Apiculture and Sericulture research case team.
Intercultural Skills: During my BSc study in Ethiopia, I practiced living with different people who have different culture and language as Ethiopia have above 85 ethnic groups. Moreover, as an international student at MATE, I have gain intercultural experience with different people all over the world.
Organizational Skills and Competencies: Whilst working for Sirinka Agriculture Research Center, I organized a seminar series on Apiculture and Sericulture research for livestock directorate workers.
-During my BSc education I have organized a seminar series on research methodology for the department student.
Computer Skills and Competencies: Competent with most Microsoft Office programs, some experience with data analysis software like SAS, Stat 10, and SPSS.

1. Economic value of pollination service of agricultural crops in Ethiopia: biological pollinators DOI: J. APIC. SCI. VOL. 62 NO. 2 2018 Getachew Worku Alebachew
2. Assessment of Beekeeping Practices of Youth Groups in Eastern Amhara, Ethiopia, DOI: Bee World VOL. 96 Issue 4, 2019 Getachew Worku Alebachew & Tewabe Mihret Eshetie
3. High Level of Feeding in Addition to Dam Milk does not Improve Pre-weaning Growth Performance and Kleiber Ratio of Boer × Central Highland Kids DOI: Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition Volume: 36, Issue :3 Tesema Zeleke, Tilahun Mekonnen, Zegeye Asres, Lakew Mesfin, Yizengaw Liuel, Tiruneh Solomon, Worku Getachew, Kiros Shanbel
4. Survival analysis and reproductive performance of Dorper x Tumele sheep DOI: Heliyon Volume : 6, Issue : 4 ZelekeTesema, BelayDeribe, AlemuKefale, MesinLakew, MekonnenTilahun, MekonnenShibesh, NegusBelayneh, AsresZegeye, GetachewWorku, LiuelYizengaw
5. The Potential Contribution of Lantana Camara to the Goat Nutrition: Review and Observation. Journal of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Volume 3, Issue 1, 2019, PP 3-8 Getachew Worku and Zeleke Tessema
6. Investigation of Economically Important Chicken Diseases in Selected urban and peri-urban areas of Eastern Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Proceeding of the 10th Annual Regional Conference on Completed Livestock Research Activities, 2018. Asres Zegeye, Nigus Belayineh, Leul Yizengaw, Getachew Worku, Zeleke Tesema, and Solomon TIruneh.
7. Study on the Adaptability of Different Sweet Lupin (Lupinus spp.) Varieties for Feed Production in Different Agro-Ecologies of Amhara Region, Ethiopia Proceeding of the 10th Annual Regional Conference on Completed Livestock Research Activities, 2018.
Alemu Tarekegn, Likawent Yeheyis, Belete Shimelash, Yengusie Demsew, Desalegn Ayichew, Solomon Tiruneh, Menegesha Asefaw, Shambel Kiros, Molla Bishaw, Getachew Worku, Misganaw walle, Mulatu Gobeze, Bewketu Amare, Bekahgn Wondim, Baye Biresaw
8. Growth Performance of 50% F2 Boer x Central Highland Kids under Different Pre-Weaning Feeding Management, Proceeding of the 10th Annual Regional Conference on Completed Livestock Research Activities, 2018. Zeleke Tesema, Mekonnen Tilahun, Asres Zegeye, Mesfin Lakew, Liuel Yizengaw, Solomon Tiruneh, and Getachew Worku

1. Tamas Muller (Ph.D.), Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Szent István University, Hungary, Email:
2. Meseret Girma (Ph.D.), Lecturer, Haramaya University, Ethiopia, Email:

Berufliche Skills: Animal related research proposal writing, perform experiment, data collection, data analysis, and report. Deutsche Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch B1 Muttersprache: Amharic


September 2019

MSC at Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sceince

I am doing MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology.


June 2015- August 2019

Assistant Researcher II at Sirinka Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia

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  • Deutsche Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch B1

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