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Almir Redzic


Property Asset Manager/ Logistics

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Almir Redzic

Home address: Izeta Sarajlica 5b, State: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zip code: 75000 City: Tuzla. Phone# +38762793087

Career Summary
A highly motivated professional with extensive experience 15+ years in Administrative, Logistics/ Supply and Property chain management. Maintained an excellent record of accomplishment; further, my management strengths enable me to develop and foster productive relationships with Senior Leadership and Government officials at different level of seniority. Disciplined and resourceful with capacity to multi-task in a face-paced environment. Skills
• Logistics management
• Supply chain management
• Government property management
• Operations management
• Reporting and Analysis
• Proficient in Microsoft Office
• Shipping/Receiving
• Highly dependable
• Fast learner
• Inventory management
• Materials management
• Supervisory skills
• General administration
• Auditing
• Leadership
• Excellent attention to details
• Strong team player
• Detailed and Organized

Professional Experience
Property Manager, 11-2018 to Present
• Responsible for accountability of all issued property throughout all program OCONUS location. • Develops concern property accountability procedures. Maintain inventory accountability and control of property. • Maintain 100% accountability of all Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) in accordance with the FAR and through the execution of timely cyclic and 100% inventory events. • Maintains the property management system and provides documentation on all items inventoried to ensure that all assets are captured and accounted for. • Assist in the compliance with policies, procedures and procedures. • Support shipping and receiving personnel in property identification, tagging and movement documentation for government property shipments. Prepares cyclic and monthly inventory accuracy reports. • Enforces guidance concerning property accountability procedures. Applies detailed procedures and metrics on inventory processes. DYNCORP Int. CNTPO/CLS AVIATION PROGRAM, Kabul AFG
Lead Property Book Officer/Lead Supply/Warehouse Operations, 05-2013 to 08-2016
• Manages the establishment and maintenance of accountability records for property/ material for assigned contract. • Accountable for procedures for the investigation and reporting of lost, damaged, destroyed government-furnished parts and property / material. Overseas physical count of stocks against the automated database; adjusts and investigates discrepancies. Prepares cyclic and monthly inventory accuracy reports. Schedules and supervises periodic and cyclic counts of property and stock materials on hand. • Manages records of amount, child and value of supplies, materials or stock on hand. • Prepares, submits issues and transfers of government-furnished parts, materials, and property for contract operations. • Provide status to upper management of property / material-related matters on assigned projects. • Maintain property / material records; recommend procedural changes to improve results. • Support the goals and goals as part of a workgroup or team member. • Successfully transitioned Government property assigned to new upcoming contractor. KBR, LOGCAP III BASE CLOSURE TEAM, Kuwait
Property Asset/Manager, 11-2011 to 3-2012
• Monitoring Theater Property Book valued $865 million and responsible for drawdown the same. • Working with the sites to make sure that all closure related documents LTDD (Lost, Theft, Damage, Destroyed), 3161 Transfer Documents, 1149 Transfer Documents are updated accordingly in each site Property Book. • Communicating with the LOGCAP IV Afghanistan contractors Fluor and Dyncorp for ACL related assets transfer to them. • Able to complete 82% of work load required, ahead of time. • Reduce Theater Property Book from $865 Million to $93 Million ahead of schedule in three months and 47182 assets from total 131243. • Working closely with All Sub-Contracts for leased related property

KBR, LOGCAP III, Tikrit-Kirkuk, Iraq
Property/Asset Manager, 06-2011 to 11-2011
• Maintains comprehensive responsibility for varied assets of the United States Government, managing inventory, tracking usage and ensuring quality of property valued at more than $256K. • Administer Property Control Procedures (PCPs) derived from Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), ensuring enforcement through careful monitoring of all departmental functions. • Liaises with government agencies to include the United States Army, Air Force, and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) as well as individuals including Government Property Administration (GPA), Administrative Contract Officer (ACO) regarding property. • Administers production control, inventory control, shipping and receiving of materials. • Supervise all receiving parts and materials for damage and verifies quantity, part number, and serial number of shipped items. • Records and prepares status reports of requested and received items. • Manages the delivery of functional objectives by providing leadership and direction to team members. • Participates in the development of functional strategy

KBR, LOGCAP III, Tikrit, Iraq
Property Administrator PA, 04-2011 to 06-2011
• Managing property control procedure activities. • Working closely with the site Transition Cell on ACL progress related with transition of government equipment. • In charge of preparing PRP (Property Relocation Plan) and closing ongoing ACL’s. • Report any property management issues and resolution to the line management and Theater Property Manager. • Accountable for quality assurance of the Property Control Section. • Accountable for MAXIMO (database) asset movement and traceability, components of LTDD-Lost, Theft, Damage and Destroyed, Cannibalization, Capital Rehabilitation and Disposition of Government Property. • Cross checking data on Property Book for accuracy. KBR, LOGCAP III, Balad, Tikrit, Iraq
Senior Property Specialist, 05-2010 to 04-2011
• Assist Property Manager in control process for all Government property in KBR possession. • Schedule and update annually, spot check and special inventories. • Prepare and analyze weekly, monthly and annually reports for Property Manager. • Maintain close professional relation with military client, DCMA – GPA (Audits), and departmental management (inventories, shipments, transfers). • Closely related with the rest of PSM Group (Material, Subcontracts, Purchasing) and Finance department due to numerous data exchange. • Coordinating and monitoring property inventory team on field. • Knowledge in Government Property Transfers, ACLs/LOTD and LTDD process. • Part of the Residual team at JBB for close out. • Assisted with transition of LOGCAP Property and Materials to a new contract AFCAP and contractor for over 45,000 assets worth over $200,000,000.00. • Transfer to C1 Speicher assisting site with upcoming transition of bases to the Government. KBR, LOGCAP III, Balad, Iraq
Property Specialist LDD office, 05-2007 to 05-2010
• Assists Property administrator in performing record keeping and location tracking functions of property assigned. • Conducting physical inventories in accordance with property control procedures. • Investigating Lost, Damage & Destroyed (LDD) reports on government assets to determine the extent of damages/liability. • Working with Safety, Security and ECOD Teams making sure that all paper work is received and correct in order to LDD package be completed and sent for signatures of approval/disapproval from GPA and ACO Officers. • Maintain document control records. • Determines physical condition of equipment for disposal purposes. • Coordinate with Plant Clearance Officer and Government Property Administrator for disposition of unserviceable assets to DRMO. • Updating STEAM (database) with correct information after completion of turn in to DRMO. • Maintaining weekly and monthly reports for damages on Government Property. • Assist the TTM Maintenance personnel with Capital Type Rehabilitation, Cannibalization and Modification of Equipment and All Others with same concerns. KBR, LOGCAP III, Balad, Iraq
Logistic Warehouseman- SARSS 1, 12-2006 to 05-2007
• Maintain receiving section as a SARSS Operator. • Processing MROs DA 1348 and DA 2765 FOIs. • Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer. • Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors. • Examine and inspect stock items for wear or defects, reporting any damage to supervisors. OSHKOSH TRUCK COOPERATION, Kuwait
Production Control Administrator, 02-2005 to 03-2006
• Responsibility for Receiving and Issuing truck’s from and to US Army and Marine Corps. • Preparing Report’s for Manager. • Compile and prepare documentation related to production sequences, transportation, personnel schedules, or purchase, maintenance, or repair orders. • Entering Data in to Data base Assigning Work Order Number to the vehicle. • Maintain files, such as maintenance records, bills of lading, or cost reports. • Confer with department supervisors or other personnel to assess progress and discuss needed changes. • Review documents, such as production schedules, work orders, or staffing tables, to determine personnel or materials requirements or material priorities. BROWN & ROOT SERVICES, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
CSSAMO Technician-System Analyst, 01-2004 to 02-2005
• Combat Service Support Automation Maintenance Office). Providing support to the U.S military and civilian customers troubleshooting and repairing systems which include SARSS, ULLS-G, ULLS-S4, SPBSR, PBUSE AND SAMS. • Maintain computer hardware, software and network problems. • Provided technical support for military personnel with SARSS, ULLS-G, ULLS-S4 and SAMS. • Conducted research, testing and repair for Base Radios, PDCD (Personal Data Collection Device). Prepared and provided weekly and monthly reports to the U.S. personnel. • Update systems with new skips and security patches. • Configuring and repairing Intermec 4400 barcode printers. BROWN & ROOT SERVICES, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
MWR Coordinator, 06-2003 to 01-2004
• Maintaining MWR facilities: Fitness center, Sports complex, Cyber café, Video rental place, etc. • Assisting in carrying out various Morale Welfare Recreation activities for customer such as: Sport and table games tournaments, Holiday Celebrations, Karaoke parties, etc. • Assist the Lead Sports Specialist in the planning, coordination, and execution of the installation competitive sports leagues and intramural programs by recruiting and training sports officials, scheduling season games and tournaments. • Plans and provides physical fitness enhancement programs for units, individuals, and special. BROWN & ROOT SERVICES, Kalesija, Zivinice, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Supply Technician- ULLS-G and ULLS-S4 Operator, 11-2000 to 11-2002
• Submitting requisition and requests for Issue and Turn-In through ULLS-G and ULLS-S4 and passing transaction and receiving requisition status update from SAMS-1 and SARSS-1. • Maintain Tactical Vehicles data such as dispatches and services, stock data including demand records and inventories, overage repairable item list. • Accountable for all supply transactions and AMMS, DAILY Management Report, EXCESS Report and all reports regarding the ULLS -G system. • Troubleshooting FEDLOG for supply data and part characteristic. • Maintain warehouse and preparing equipment for shipment and disposal. • Inputs and maintains the reliability and accuracy of records, which reflect quantities, and condition of materials for bench and shop stock. • Provides accurate equipment status and asset data, cost, backlogs, man-hours, and parts data through the automated maintenance system. • Month services, updating services, preparing oil check month services. • Establishes and maintains records of job orders and monitors, posts and disseminates changes in status of reportable equipment. BROWN & ROOT SERVICES, Kalesija Bosnia and Herzegovina
Field interpreter/Data base operator, 10-2000 to 11-2000
• Keep Site Manager and Site Supervisor informed on all areas of maintenance, employee and equipment transactions and assist in ensuring that all expenses are met when due. • Supervision/Foreman for 28 HCN’s for the Supplemental Maintenance Dobol. • Translating the books for mechanics. • Interact with military QA/QC and unit personnel, set up monthly equipment service schedule for all supporting military units. Education
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 1997
Awards and Honors

• Certificate of Appreciation, Supply Technician, BiH
• Certificate of Appreciation, MWR Coordinator for outstanding support, BiH
• Certificate of Appreciation, System Analyst for exceptional service, BiH
• Certificate of Recognition, Production Control for outstanding administrative support, Kuwait
• Certificate of Excellence, Production Control for outstanding performance, Kuwait
• Certificate of Appreciation, Production Control, Marine Corps AOA Program, Kuwait
• Certificate of Appreciation, Logistic Warehouse for outstanding performance, Iraq
• Certificate of Appreciation, Property Department for dedications and professionalism, Iraq
• Certificate of Appreciation, Supply Management Operation, Iraq
• Certificate of Appreciation, Property Manager for recognition of service, Iraq
• Certificate of Appreciation, Property Manager for performance, Kuwait

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